My Bright Wheels Guidelines

The Parent Experience


Setup Billing


When your child is registered at Little Flyers Academy (LFA) you as a parent or guardian are entered into the mybrightwheel system we use for daycare and school operations.  Once we enter a parent/guardian name and email address into mybrightwheel, an email is generated inviting you to sign-up & create a account.  Creating a mybrightwheel account is required of all parents and guardians who will drop-off or pick up your child.  You will also receive an email containing your registration receipt.  The mybrightwheel invitation email includes a parent invite code which you MUST use when creating your mybrightwheel account. The parent invite code links your parent/guardian information to your child in the mybrightwheel system.  After creating your mybrightwheel account, LFA suggests that you enter your bank account information to simplify billing as all invoices are sent through the brightwheel system.  You may choose to setup auto-pay, however, this is not required. When auto-pay is enabled, any invoice LFA generates is immediately withdrawn from your checking/saving account.  If you do not setup auto-pay, you will need to sign-in to to pay LFA invoices as you receive notifications via email of new invoices. For parents or guardians that do not enter bank account information into brightwheel, you still access your invoices in and bring cash or check to the LFA director’s office on or before the due date for each invoice received.

Two weeks before your child’s start date, an invoice will be generated through mybrightwheel for your child’s security deposit, which is equal to one week’s tuition.

In order to receive daily status reports, teacher memos, and pictures of your child throughout the day please install the mybrightwheel app on your phone or tablet from iTunes or Google Play store, open the app and sign-in. Be sure to setup your notification preferences in iOS or Android as you may receive updates throughout the day. Notes may also be sent directly to your child’s teacher through the app should have any questions or comments. Note that teachers are only authorized to use the app and respond during their working hours. They are not authorized to use mybrightwheel while engaged with children, and therefore will only be checking it at naptime, and various down times throughout the day. If your child is absent and receiving school lunch you must call the classroom directly before 9 a.m. to receive a lunch credit.  Lunch cancelations cannot be messaged on bright wheels.

Signing In/Out:

You will use your security code to sign your child in at the start of the day and out at the end of the day. Each parent/guardian must have their own check in/out code. So, make sure the LFA Director has the email of anyone picking up or dropping off on a regular basis so that we can invite them to sign-up with mybrightwheel as well.  You will sign your child in/out on the ipad in the LFA lobby. Press the home/bottom button, swipe right, select your child’s class at the center-top, click on Student tab on the top-left, click on your child, click on your name and enter your check-in/out code.  DO NOT USE anyone else’s check-in/out code.  A circle will form around your child’s icon/photo when signed in and the circle will disappear (and the child’s photo or icon will appear grayed-out) when logged out. For ratio and office tracking purposes, please make sure you wait to see the circle around your child’s icon when checked in, and no circle around the icon when checked out.

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