Why Choose Us?

Dear Parents,

Welcome to LFA Child Care Center, a wonderful and exciting world of early childhood education.

Preschool education lays the foundation for future school success. Allow us to open the door to a positive attitude towards learning through developmentally appropriate methods.

Little Flyers Academy Child Care Center:
✓ Is Licensed by the State of New Jersey
✓ Follows the standards set by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

Services include:
✓ Accept children 6 weeks old to 6 years old
✓ Low staff child ratio
✓ State and NAEYC approved educational curriculum
✓ Child care through the summer months
✓ Drop-in care upon availability
✓ Ongoing, systematic assessment

We look forward to working with you to provide an exciting learning experience for your child. Please reach out to our LFA Director for more information!

Our Philosophy and Mission

LFA follows a developmentally appropriate “hands-on” curriculum. Teachers who are experienced in the development and education of young children will be teaching your children. The low staff-child ratios allow for lots of individual attention.

In a caring and positive atmosphere, we create a warm and happy place for your child to learn and grow. As we bridge the gap from home to school, we guide children towards developing high self-esteem, while at the same time building social skills. Sensory, motor, perceptual, and language skills are introduced through “hands-on” materials and activities that are both child-centered and teacher-directed. Activities are planned that emphasize the process rather than the product, fostering a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Based on the theory that children learn through play, classroom routines encourage active involvement, meaningful experimentation and reinforcement through repetition. Schedules are designed which balance structure and free choice, as well as active and quiet times. Our educational philosophy and programming are committed to consistency and quality. The success of our employer partnership approach to early childhood learning is reflected in the level of growth and skill development of the children in our care.

The foundation of Little Flyer’s early childhood education is the establishment and nurturing of relationships. Among the key elements of our approach to learning:

  • Evolving philosophy and practices that are continually modified and reflected upon and serve as inspiration to others within the early childhood education community.
  • Educational responsiveness to children’s natural curiosity, which encourages them to master skills and literacy.
  • Developmentally appropriate programs that nurture children’s strengths utilizing existing technologies and community resources provide rewarding opportunities for children to demonstrate their own learning places.
  • Culturally diverse learning environments that are open to change and modification by the children utilizing a student led curriculum.
  • Equal partnerships in purpose that identify children, families, caregivers, clients and communities encourage co-participation in this education and care process.
  • Opportunities to demonstrate interrelationships of ability, knowledge, ethics, values, and service show the integration of both theory and practice.
  • Communications that inform families about their children’s experiences, allow teachers to understand children better, and show children that their work is valued, underscoring the importance of shared experience and feedback.
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